Laser Hair Removal

Our qualified Laser Hair Removal Technicians use the most advanced laser technology to offer women a reliable and affordable alternative to shaving and waxing, saving you ample time and money on beauty maintenance.

We provide you a full tailored service to ensure we achieve your individual desired look and offer you the best practice guarantee. Our state-of-the-art laser is the most comfortable laser available and you will LOVE the long-term results!


About Our Lasers

We use several different types of lasers to reduce your unwanted hair, including; Cutera Excel HR, Yag laser and Diode laser.

We will select a state-of-the-art medical grade laser apparatus that best suits you, your skin, your hair colour and lifestyle enabling us to achieve optimal results.

It is important to seek an accredited Laser Operator who understands hair growth cycles, skin types/conditions and medical grade lasers as not all hair is suitable to be treated in short intervals. In fact, treating too often can stimulate hair to grow further. We will ensure you receive optimal and safe results.


Common Questions

What are the treatment intervals?

Treatment intervals vary depending on the treated area due to cycle of hair growth. Clinical guidelines recommend 4 to 6 weeks for facial areas, 6 to 8 weeks for upper body and 8 to 10 for lower body. Receiving treatments sooner than required will reduce the effectiveness of the treatment as the hair cycle will not be in the correct stage. In these cases, the results will be comparative to waxing or shaving.

How long does the treatment take?

The larger the area, the longer it will take to complete the treatment. At the LUXE, we pride ourselves on being thorough to ensure accuracy. Clinical guidelines recommend approximately 15 to 20 minutes for a thorough Brazilian/Underarm treatment and about 45 to 60 minutes for major areas such as Full Legs.

Can I have a treatment if I am pregnant?

Laser hair removal has not been proven to be safe/unsafe during pregnancy and/or breastfeeding. To date, no clinical studies have been conducted on the subject and as a result LUXE do not treat clients that are pregnant. As a duty of care to our clients, we only treat clients based on manufacturer and clinical guidelines.

Although laser hair reduction treatments only penetrate deep enough to target the root of hair follicles, side effects for the mother and/or unborn child have not been studied. If you become pregnant during a course of treatments at the LUXE please advise the clinic and they will advise you the best steps to take. As part of best practice, client accounts will be placed on hold until they are recommended to return to their treatments.

How many treatments will I need?

The amount of treatments required will vary from person to person. For the best results, we typically recommend 6 to 10 treatments depending on the area, this will ensure that all hairs are effectively interrupted and immobilised during the active growth phase of the growth cycle.

Clients often notice quicker results on some areas such as the legs, bikini, underarms, chest, and upper arms. Areas such as the back or face may require further treatments.

Once a course of treatments has been completed, we often recommend maintenance treatments to be administered 1 to 3 times per year.

Before and After Treatment

Before Your Treatment

IMPORTANT – please advise us if you are on any medications, antibiotics or roaccutane prior to treatment.

2 to 4 weeks before stop plucking, waxing or using depilatory creams, no sun exposure/solarium on the areas to be treated and no gradual or fake tans on those areas.

12 hours before clean shave the areas to be treated, please be aware there is additional charge for shaving.


After Your Treatment

Immediately after keep the area cool – use a cold compress! Reddening and swelling around the hair follicles is normal and will subside over the next few hours

For the first 48 hours refrain from excessive hot showers, saunas, high intensity clothing and tight clothing, avoid exfoliation and the use of perfumed skin care products, deodorants or products containing retinol, lactic and glycolic acids

For the next 7 days avoid sun exposure and solarium visits, apply SPF 30+ daily, keep the treated area clean and moisturised, do not pluck, wax or use depilatory creams.







Lip + Chin


Sides of Face


Full Face


Upper Body


Hands and Fingers


Neck – Front or Back


Snail Trail


Half Arms


Full Arms


Back – sides




Half Back


Full Back


Full Back & Shoulders






Chest & Stomach


Lower Body






Female Brazilian




Quarter Legs


Half Legs


Full Legs






Combo Deals


Female Brazilian + Underarms


Half Leg + Brazilian + Underarms


Full Leg + Brazilian + Underarms



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