Purity Detox Scrub

Size: 90g


A gentle physical exfoliator combined with salicylic Acid that delivers a thorough and uniform exfoliation. Acts as a detoxification system for the skin removing excess impurities, cellular debris and residue. Reveals smoother, brighter looking skin while reducing the appearance of visible pores and imperfections.

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As poppy, jojoba and date seeds scrub away dead skin cells and debris, Salicylic Acid provides intensive renewal for an all-around smoother, clearer look and feel. Use all over the body for smoother skin from head to toe.

add 1-2 teaspoons of purity Detox Scrub to damp hands, then add more water to create a light, loose lather. Manipulate scrub over face in upward, circular motions, using light pressure. Massage lightly for 30-60 seconds then rinse with tepid water.