Skin Consultation

LUXE Skin Clinicians take the time to thoroughly analyse your skin, talk through your goals and create a customised plan for optimal skin health and fantastic results.

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DMK Skin Treatments

DMK believes that the origin of most skin conditions is a result of disharmony within the skin. Using the principles of biochemistry, DMK has formulated a range of treatments and products designed to educate skin to perform like youthful healthy skin.

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Laser Skin Treatments

An IPL Photo Rejuvenation facial treatment is a gentle laser ideal for helping with sun spots, freckles, frequent blushing and general redness, by stimulating new collagen production, shattering unwanted skin pigments, firming the skin and reducing pore size.

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Laser Hair Removal

LUXE laser treatment is fast, gentle and a permanent way to get great results, using medical grade lasers, with unique industry leading technology for a 75% faster than normal session and perfect for all skin types!

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Welcome to LUXE Skin Clinic

We want you to be happy in your skin. If you have general concerns about your skin’s tone, elasticity and texture, we are here to help you with a choice of progressive skin treatments and skincare products that will deliver powerful results right away. LUXE Skin Clinicians have industry leading training and experience in the latest technologies, clinically approved procedures and treatments to provide you with the best skin treatment and experience possible. We look forward to leading you on your personalised journey to pure skin health and real beauty.


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Skin Treatments

At LUXE Skin Clinic, we want you to feel comfortable and be happy in your skin.

When it comes to your skin’s tone, elasticity or texture, we have a range of effective skin treatments and products.

Please note that most LUXE clinical skin treatments can only be offered after a thorough skin consultation with a Skin Clinician, and often requires home care prescriptive to be used before and after to ensure best results.

Our skin care products are designed for all skin types and all types of skin treatment, ensuring you maintain that beautiful healthy skin.

We offer a range of skin treatments including laser resurfacing/skin resurfacing, laser skin treatment for acne scars and sun damage, chemical peels, skin pigmentation treatment, cosmetic injections and light therapy for stimulating collagen production, skin tightening and smoothing.