Skin Tag & Lesion Removal

At LUXE we use a non-invasive treatment the removal of skin tags.

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Skin Tag & Lesion Removal

At LUXE we use a non-invasive treatment called Diathermy for the removal of skin tags, capillaries, stubborn milia and more, on all areas of the body. This device uses high frequency (HF) to attract fluid in the lesion and dries them out resulting in the removal of harmless non-malignant imperfections. Heat is delivered through an extremely fine filament (needle) directly onto the area of concern, immediately drying out the area of concern such as the skin tag, milia, warts or cauterizing blood flow to a stubborn broken capillary.


  • Capillaries (telangiestasia)
  • Cherry angiomas
  • Cholesterol deposit
  • Fibromas
  • Milia
  • Skin tags

Post treatment care

The area can be hot for a couple of hours’ post treatment, and sometimes a small crust will appear at the site of treatment. This crust will fall off in a few days. It is important to maintain good personal hygiene and keep the area clean.

Antiseptic powder will be applied to cool the skin and aid repair. It is important not to pick, scratch or aggravate the area. If a scab is picked off, it can leave scarring. Darker skin types can have a slight scar which generally blends in with the skin over several weeks.

The tissue in the area usually heals without leaving visible signs of treatment and the imperfection will be removed.